29 September, 2006

Yes, Gruyere Cheeeese

We left the next morning on a train from Montreux, and stopped off for lunch in Gruyere.

The one street town of Gruyere...

Where we had fondu with a local white wine....

swiss family wine tasting

27 September, 2006


we interrupt current programing for a silly indulgance:

just found this website www.world66.com, try it for yourself. this one's mine, obviously its time to think about heading south...

create your own visited country map

25 September, 2006

Wine Dorks, part 3

The Swiss people that we met on the trail were having as joyous a time as we were, and while I can't remember how we all came to be dancing along the street together, I do know that there was so much giggling and jokes that it seemed as though we'd been doing this together for years. at any rate, we made plans for the trip next year...

Route Gourmande

Route Gourmand, Switzerland

This video pretty much sums up the Route Gourmande - a 5km walk through wineries along Lake Geneva, with abundant wine tasting, several courses of incredible food, music, views, people!

24 September, 2006

Chexbres, Switzerland

Our plane landed in Geneva at 9am, whereupon we were whisked away on a train for 2 hours to Chexbres, a tiny village set in winefields with a marvelous view across Lake Geneva to France and the foothills of the Alps. To get to our little village, we had to take Le Train des Vignes, which is now entry #1 on the list of "How to Charm Me".

And this was only day 1!