13 December, 2007

sew crafty

Fall and winter are slow seasons at work for me, which is perfect because with the turning of the leaves I often like to curl up with some creative projects and get ready for the cozy months. This year however, pregnancy has unlocked some hidden reserves of creativity, and I find myself passionately working on projects at every free moment. While the summer was all about making little drawings, the fall has spawned a brand new fascination for me - sewing. I could only manage to sew a straight line when I bought Amy Karol's book, Bend-the-Rules Sewing, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn to sew quick, easy, and friendly projects. Nearly all the projects below are from her book.

Zoe's birthday hat, from felted wool sweaters.

Baby bibs for a friend (Oona's are in the production line)

my growing belly, and my current favorite fabric sack.

a new bag to hold crafty supplies

and holiday stockings, of course

This is a quilt I made for Oona. I started hand sewing all the patches together last winter, took spring and summer off, and then finished this winter. I machine quilted the whole thing together.

And Timon's sew crafty too - we spent last sunday threading cranberries and popcorn for a garland for our tree.

Happy Holidays!