29 April, 2008

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27 April, 2008

happy birthday sedge!

More photos of Sedge's birthday pals here (a hint for Oona pics).

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More gratuitous photos here.

26 April, 2008

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25 April, 2008

taking jane to the farm

Naturally Jane, Keely and Oona met up with Shannon, Sedge, and Ojiah.

It's a baby party!

Farmer Sedge.

I believe all these pictures were taken by Jane on our camera. I had to get some work done when the girls went to the farm, so I shoved my camera into Jane's hands.

Click on video link for some great baby tail waggin'.

24 April, 2008

jane says

Keely's good friend since high school, yes high school, visited this past week. The truly strange part is that she was not actually visiting us. It just so happens that Jane's best friend lives on the opposite side of Campwoods here in Ossining and Jane was watching her kids for a week. We can nearly make out the house from our porch it's so close. So, Jane hopped the fence every day to hang out. In fact, she's here right this minute.

The other night we made a roast asparagus soup and roasted sweet potatoes for dinner.

It's always nice when Oona goes down for the night because the campfire is back and all you need for a good evening is the patio, food, wine, and friends.

22 April, 2008

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08 April, 2008

my commute

07 April, 2008

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06 April, 2008

sheep shearing at stone barns

We spent most of the time this past Sunday in one of the Stone Barns farm buildings playing with Sedge and letting Oona and Ojiah get to know each other while Jack and Shannon took turns on the loom (part of the wool demonstration).

The little ones haven't grown enough wool so they were spared the ordeal.

This sheep was pregnant with twins which the farmers say are due in a couple months. I was amazed how relaxed the sheep were for their haircut. They certainly run a smooth operation at this farm.

03 April, 2008

daily photo

We came on this recently (in the last couple days) split tree in the woods at Stone Barns. It seems to have had a previous injury just at the base of this split from a previous (years ago) lightening strike. Apparently the high winds we had a couple days ago blew it violently over.

02 April, 2008

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we managed to squeeze in a short walk with our friends shannon, sedge and ojiah last weekend, our parenting role models.

01 April, 2008

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