30 January, 2007

if you can believe it, we're all related


Josh! Kirsten!


as we were flying home, there were clear skies over the rockies

skiing is so much fun and so dangerous that it might as well be illegal.

On our way to Outer Mongolia, where we would find new ways of understanding Deep Powder. (Sorry folks, no pics of me furiously shaking the snow out of my head after I face planted while laughing at Timon's triple somsersault with skies flying off move - his most famous trick I might add...)

Sundown Bowl

This picture is for Mika. See the little speck of moon up there, above the tree? We were on the chairlift marveling at how huge the moon looked and got into a discussion of illusions of the eye, that in fact, while the moon sometimes looks enormous when near the horizon, it is exactly the same size as when its high in the sky.

Hi Mika!

Every day after skiing, Mika, Timon and I would feel a desperate need to stuff ourselves with hot food and beer. YUM!

Life is good!

23 January, 2007


what you really want to see:

timon falls gallantly and regularly.
as josh put it: "timon's a kind of balls to the wall skier, isn't he?"

timon and mika

three darth skiiers (from l to r): keely, mika, our mom

and what is better after a few days skiing than a trip to the hot springs in the snow!

A Snowy Christmas

Feeling that Winter would never arrive to New York, Timon and I tore ourselves away from our new home just three weeks after moving in and flew over a snowed-in Denver to land in winter-wonderland: Vail

10 January, 2007

we're all moved in...

Now we've got some photos of our new home with our stuff in it...

The house in winter light.

A blurry Timon in the front entry

We found this old trunk in the basement of the house, brushed it off, and now it serves as a bench/storage.

The living room.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

In the stairway.

The second floor - our dressing room and offices.

Keely's office

Timon's office.

In the second floor bathroom.

The attic/guestroom