28 September, 2009

oona photos

we've uploaded some pics of oona and friends to flickr.

12 September, 2009


Mondays have been a bit difficult for Oona lately. They are transition days from the happy weekend of family, and from what I gather from other mamas, it's rather common to miss the papas especially on these mornings. So in an effort to make mondays special, and to get us outside, exploring and discovering, Oona and I have been making morning trips to Teatown. Its a short drive away, and there is a lovely trail around the lake, and Oona variously walks and rides in the backpack.

Teatown Preserve

We stop to throw rocks in the creek.

And best of all, we have such wonderful friends to take these walks with.

11 September, 2009

Tea Parties

With September all my love of organization returns. Spring and summer are a loosening of ties, of routine, of order and predictability. I like to stretch out and explore, march forward with bold strides, and see what the world is offering that I might not have seen, felt, heard, been before. But just at the end of August I begin to smell autumn on its way, and a deep rooting begins. Oh my, I can nest to no end it seems. The fall crops Order and Routine are ripening, and Nostalgia makes herself right at home, along with her brood: knitting, sewing, aprons, baking, cleaning, books, pies and tea. Afternoon tea to be precise. Oona and I now have a new daily ritual to mark that time between naptime and Papa's return. Which of course required a new tea table, for which an old campwoods tree obliged:

And of course, teatime with a dear mama friend (who makes such delicious squash muffins) is the icing on the cake.

02 September, 2009

Not all the summer fun was had elsewhere...

Lots of it happened right here, in all its Hudson Valley goodness. The first Rockwood Hall picnic: