27 August, 2007

Lining our nest with fairy wool

A lovely pregnant friend took me to an amazing toy shop, where I bought something called "fairy wool", and made some creatures from it. Unfortunately the cats think I've made the world's greatest toy for them. Little do they know who its really for...

Its getting bigger by the week!

06 August, 2007


Since returning from our summer vacation, Timon and I have been in full nesting mode. This weekend we turned the Oklahoma dustbowl in front of the porch into a woodland garden.

Timon did all of the hard work, mainly transforming himself into a rototiller and making the soil a fertile bed. You might wonder why we are so busy nesting, and why Keely only did the pleasant planting work...

That belly may be from ice cream, but give a girl a break! She's eating for two now!