30 January, 2005


morocco, originally uploaded by timon and keely.

we met unis off the beaten goat and people path while hiking under the rif mountain peaks outside of chefchaouen. he invited us to his home for tea, but he had to go to town for afternoon prayer first. a little later we hiked another 20 minutes up the path to his farm. he is 23 but farming full time, sharing a 2 room thatched hut built from scrap metal on the side of the mountain with a friend (they have a door between the 2 rooms). he said they had a radio and had good parties at night. he had to walk, it took 15 minutes, to a house nearby to get more water for us. we inspected the details of his home. the 2ft square kitchen with a propane hiking stove.

we spent more than an hour conversing in broken spanish, which we all tried to speak, not knowing arabic, and him not knowing english. we taught each other words and talked as much as we could about our lives. then we walked down the path towards town and stopped to watch the sunset on a hill while afternoon prayer was ricocheting off the mountains. mosques are as prevalent as churches in the midwest of the u.s. so we could hear 5 different calls to prayer all coming from different directions while sitting in the grass. it was amazing. thanks for the hospitality unis.

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