28 June, 2006

Doc Holiday and me

The best thing to happen to us so far occured last night, and I'm so giddy about it I can't really get it out. We went to this bar, called the Silver Dollar, and its located in Leadville (yes, LEADVILLE - we are living in the wild west). The backdrop to this poor deserted mining town is a massive snow-capped mountain range with little brightly-painted colored shacks in front of it. And then smack in the middle of town is the Silver Dollar bar, established in 1879. With original tile, mirrors, cash registers, and the walls covered in paraphanalia of people crossing the rockies for the last 120 years. In fact, DOC HOLIDAY WALKED ON THE SAME TILES AND SAT AT THE SAME BAR STOOLS AND LOOKED IN THE SAME MIRRORS that Timon and I did yesterday. Now, maybe I wouldn't have cared too much a few months ago, but damn, it really feels like history out here, and a very fucking cool part of american history to boot.

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