25 July, 2006


A couple weeks ago, Timon and I heard rumors of a heat wave sweeping the nation. Out here in the rockies it was hard to believe, with temperatures still dropping into the 50s at night. But we didn't want to miss out on the collective brain melting, so we decided it was a most appropriate time to head down to Utah and visit Arches national park. Yes, we looked at the weather reports, and the 108 degree highs. But when you don't have air conditioning and can still wear long sleeve shirts, 108 doesn't sound so terrible. hah.

Melissa arrived from NY, probably thinking we were insane for actually wanting to leave the land of cool breezes and hail thunderstorms, but she gamely hopped in the car and we started our decent. Right when we started wondering if it was time to turn the AC on, we noticed a swimming hole not far off the highway. Perfect time for a picnic followed by a swim.

While hiking at Arches, Timon couldn't control himself from mocking my weather appropriate outfit every 15 minutes: cowboy hat, chinese shirt, hippie skirt, and chacos.

Melissa takes in the view

My husband is HOT.

After camping next to a river for the evening, we attempted to get up early and hike to Delicate Arch before we dissloved in the firey furnace of midday.

I mock the arch.

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