25 July, 2007

Historical Campwoods

We'll have pictures up from our trip to France soon, but in the meantime, here are some old photos of our kooky little community, circa 1875:

from this site.

"Camp Woods, which is now a residential neighborhood, was once the location of annual Methodist camp meetings. For two weeks each summer, thousands of people would gather on this site to hear thunderous sermons, sing hymns, pray and give personal testimony. Methodist camp meetings began early in the 19th century and continued well into the 20th."

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elle & josh said...

i check your blog every couple of days & today i saw signs of life up in mcphersonland! just wanted to send a cheery hello. maybe we'll make it up that way for a visit soon?

we're moving to eaton in august, for the next 4-6 months, while josh finishes his album + we figure out what's next (maybe development work?). so please look us up if you're in upland!