09 June, 2008

allen & jamie

Our good friends Allen and Jamie left yesterday for the "other" coast, sunny Cali that is. And I miss them already.

This is a shout out to some of the best friends Keely and I have had since we met. Al and Jamie are road trippin' it for the next couple weeks before they settle in to their new digs in the Bay area. I'm sure Al won't stop updating his music blog, Soul Spectrum, but we'll miss having our own personal DJ to take over the job of spinning soul whenever we all go.

Jamie has a rockin' new job at Stanford so we can't really begrudge her that. So, Keely, Oona, and I are already planning our trip out to San Francisco to meet up. Naturally we'll have to do a little wine tasting, so I'm thinking we will coordinate with the fall harvest and/or the 2007 Pinot Noir releases. Mmmm, this move is getting better all the time.

Drive safe you two and we'll meet up soon.
And for a little nastalgia:

"One more please?" at the beer fest in Colorado with Al's brother Charlie.

Stylin' last summer at the Dickies before jumping off the cliff.

With our good friend Josh. When is the Dickies redo?

With our good friend Michael, visiting when we lived in Hastings-on-Hudson.

My last bachelor night on the beach.

DJing our wedding party.

And, of course, picking out records.

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