23 December, 2008


Hi all.  No doubt it's been obvious that we post here much more rarely than we used too.   There are a variety of reasons, the main two being my busy job and Keely having her hands full with Oona.  Oona's site is updated more regularly.  However, even that is often behind.  

There is another reason:  We have for a long time been disappointed with the low quality of photos and videos on Blogger.  So, we'll keep posting a picture or two now and then but we'll be re-using our Flickr site for high quality posting.  If you've used both Blogger and Flickr, then you'll know the ease of posting photos and videos to Flickr and the pain it is to do so on Blogger.  So, head over to the photo sets on our Flickr site if you just want a little photo update. 

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