11 September, 2009

Tea Parties

With September all my love of organization returns. Spring and summer are a loosening of ties, of routine, of order and predictability. I like to stretch out and explore, march forward with bold strides, and see what the world is offering that I might not have seen, felt, heard, been before. But just at the end of August I begin to smell autumn on its way, and a deep rooting begins. Oh my, I can nest to no end it seems. The fall crops Order and Routine are ripening, and Nostalgia makes herself right at home, along with her brood: knitting, sewing, aprons, baking, cleaning, books, pies and tea. Afternoon tea to be precise. Oona and I now have a new daily ritual to mark that time between naptime and Papa's return. Which of course required a new tea table, for which an old campwoods tree obliged:

And of course, teatime with a dear mama friend (who makes such delicious squash muffins) is the icing on the cake.

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Keren said...

love this! wish i could be there.