18 November, 2009

35 Reasons I Love Timon McPhearson

1. You work really hard at everything you do. absolutely everything.
2. You have taught me more about compassion than anyone else.
3. You are comfortable with being vulnerable.
4. You always encourage me.
5. You are a once-in-a-lifetime teacher to many of your students.
6. You are actively making the world a better place.
7. You are a truly great scientist.
8. You are a good friend to yourself.
9. You are a good friend to all of us.
10. You love to snuggle.
11. You make fun of me in such a way that I laugh really hard.
12. You care about other people deeply.
13. You can do dog-whisperer things.
14. You are a fabulous cook.
15. You are an inspiring writer.
16. You have big dreams. The biggest.
17. You are attractive all the time. seriously. it’s weird.
18. You help people whenever you can.
19. You are always making yourself into a better person.
20. You love taking care of living things.
21. You are a philosopher.
22. Your knowledge and creativity are a powerful combination.
23. You are a leader.
24. You build stuff.
25. You look truly free when you play frisbee.
26. Your palate is ridiculous, and I'm always benefiting from it.
27. You know how to manage high levels of technology.
28. You make me feel that the way we live matters.
29. You are forgiving.
30. You know how to have a really good time.
31. You are the greatest possible father to Oona.
32. You take really good care of Oona, me, the kitties, our home, our neighborhood and our community.
33. You make beautiful handmade toys for our daughter.
34. You are honest.
35. You are always surprising me with new incarnations of yourself.

Happy Happy 35th Birthday Love!

have another reason you love timon? leave it in the comments!


Josh Nice said...

long may you last together. happy b-day timon!

the amBASSador said...

happy birthday T-Money!

you must be REALLY old by now. instead of counting your greys you're probably counting the non-grays!

I wanna add a couple to Keel's list:

36. You're really good at explaining complex ideas
37. You're at the top of my list of people to be with for the impending apocalpyse
38. You brew tasty beer
39. You're a great friend

thinking of you . . . not sure when it will be, but can't wait to hang with you and the girls!

Love, Al