17 August, 2005


The trip only got more spectacular the further west we drove. This is the Bramhaputra River, which we followed all the way to its source, Mt. Kailash.

To give some sense of the scale, there is a telephone poll in between these two nomad tents, each probably the size of a one-bedroom Manhattan apartment. Several people might sleep, eat and live in these tents during the summer months, as they move their herds of yaks and pashmina goats across the Tibetan plateau. Far beyond these tents are ever-present mountains, capped with snow.

Our driver stops to wash his hankerchief in the stream.

Another campsite along the Bramhaputra River. Here we discovered the joys of popcorn and a bottle of cheap Chinese wine, after ferocious declarations that I was done eating chemical soup (but oh, I wasn't done). It also started getting much colder in the evenings and we needed to fortify ourselves with liquor, naturally.

Sunrise. And yes, that is toilet paper hanging out of my pocket.

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