17 August, 2005

the drive across tibet

We've spent the last two weeks driving, camping and hiking across western Tibet, and after lots of talking about how to describe it to other people, we've concluded that its indescribable, in a strange strange way. Its very beautiful, grasslands and sand dunes and snowy mountain peaks all right next to each other. But the main thing that is incomprehensible is the size. Its so huge that your mind kind of blitzes out to fill in the space and then there is just massive massive calm. My mind has never thought that large before. I think it must be akin to going to outer space, where you suddenly get a glimpse of how gigantic the universe really might be. Western Tibet makes Lhasa and even the drive to Everest seem like a city. The mountains, plains and sky just get exponentially larger and more spread out.

Some yaks walking along the river.

Here's a small town on the beginning of the trip, where there was still some green.

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