10 January, 2007

we're all moved in...

Now we've got some photos of our new home with our stuff in it...

The house in winter light.

A blurry Timon in the front entry

We found this old trunk in the basement of the house, brushed it off, and now it serves as a bench/storage.

The living room.

The dining room.

The kitchen.

In the stairway.

The second floor - our dressing room and offices.

Keely's office

Timon's office.

In the second floor bathroom.

The attic/guestroom


Joy said...

Wow - I LOVE your house! I saw your post on Apt. Therapy and came over - your guest room is fabulous!

zia said...

Like Joy, I saw this on apartment therapy, and have to say ... it looks amazing! It's so warm and comfy and eclectic looking.

abigail said...

so beautiful dears.
i cannot wait until i see it personally.
i'll be in the city march 16-26 with my boyfriend, stefan. can we come visit? will you be available?
i'll see you in seattle next week!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Everything seems appropriate for the style. Nice job! My only peeve is the amazing window in the stairwell. I would take down the shelves and the bric-a-brac and let that view be your art, in addition to the beatifully colored wall and window frame. just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I love the vibrant yet quiet red, yellow, and blue hues throughout. The scroll woodwork in the dining room is my favorite. Well done!