23 September, 2007

The Gang

Our good friends Josh and Mendy recently came back for a visit from Liberia. If you want to know more about Liberia, Josh's blog is excellent. They moved there almost 2 years ago and we miss them. Next week they are moving to Bangkok. And let me tell you, we are happy for them. I'm sorry Josh, but visiting Liberia never made it to the top of my list. But Thailand, now we're talking. We'll strap that new little Oona to our backs and go tropical.

Anyway, when the gang get's together and all are present, it's that much better. When Josh and Mendy were last here, we went to The Dickies (a local term), to jump off the many high cliffs into the Croton River that feeds the Hudson. It's a pretty amazing spot only 10 minutes from our house. Michael, a Croton native, gave us the secret password and directions to the cliff diving capital of Westchester.

A bunch of posers!

A couple days later we met up in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) for brunch. Nothing new here. Just good friends and good food. Hurry back Josh and Mendy.

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