01 October, 2007

30 is the new 20 birthday bbq bash

the birthday that keely, allen, and sarah share (all were born within 1 week of each other) got started at our place for a late night bbq with beers.

sarah made it her business to meet the demands of the newly 30 yr. olds' red velvet chocolate cake demand. mine too. so so good.

for you who don't know, keely's bump is getting more pronounced (mike, dylan, and ashley in pic)
allen and josh sharing the "real" deal

yes, braggin' about the amazing cake.

life is good. cake is better.

"i told you so."

"oh really, think i can't top that?"
"you kids better listen"
"i'm given it to you straight"
and on, and on...
and still on, until keel and i went to bed. letting the party take care of itself.

the next weekend al threw his own rockin' party in brooklyn. his parties are real parties. i didn't go to sleep until 5:30am that night.

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josh said...

We were there in spirit. That cake looks ridiculously delicious. Happy belated b-day to all of yas.