10 October, 2007

Fall harvest

Naturally with fall here, we need to bake many apple pies. I got started on our first fall pie, but not before a glass of wine.
Apples were from an orchard not to far from where live. We took a hike near Mohonk, then came back with 2 pecks of Gala apples. I wouldn't have bought so many but Keel was too tired to go pick them ourselves after the hike. And they had a 2 peck bag of seconds for $5. Perfect! Of course we had to get an entire dozen fresh, as in still hot, apple cider donuts for the pregnant lady, a gallon of cider, and pumpkins for the porch.

Keely's napping has hit new levels. Tucker can't seem to resist a cat nap now and then either.

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