23 October, 2007

Stone Barns

It seems to be a regular part of any conversation now to reference Stone Barns. Keel and I take walks there regularly, visit our friends Jack and Shannon and Sedge (2 yrs old) who are farmers there, and of course take friends and family when they visit. It is simply too close and too nice to not make part of our home.

When we first moved to Ossining, Keely volunteered at the greenhouse that Shannon runs. After work, some of us came along to help and had a nice little greenhouse party where we all transplanted or harvested for a couple hours then harvested greens for a big salad with cheese, crackers, and wine and beer on crates in the greenhouse entry way/transplant room.

My only picture of Jack, but blurry
Shannon on the left

our neighbors, Mike and Rene
our favorite little guy, Sedge. he's always in the compost
and always picking something to eat.
you name it, greens, berries, tomatoes, tomotillos.
this guy knows all the food.

This past Sunday our good friends Allen, Jamie, and Sarah came up for a Brooklyn Bagel Brunch at our place. Then we headed to Stone Barns for a perfect fall walk through Rockefeller State Park and the Stone Barns properties.

Apparently the little newborn piglets are just too much for these girls. Cuteness overload.

We took home some free range turkey breasts and ham steaks from the farm stand. That's what these piglets will be someday, really amazing ham. Sad but true.

Jamie and Allen!

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