23 October, 2007

The Nursery

Finishing the attic space meant we could move out of the other bedroom and finally create our guestroom/nursery space. Since we don't really have much for the nursery yet, it mostly qualifies as a nursery space because of all keely's recent art. She's into baby art lately, all kinds. There's even a new stuffed elephant, not pictured, that she recently made without even a pattern. Anyway, this room will soon enough have some sort of bassinet and a likely a pile of washable diapers in it. In the meantime, guest get quite the playful room. Apartmenttherapy.com just posted a short story on our nursery.

You can see our first effort at a cork floor. it has a great feel. the rug definitely jazzes up the room with colors that pull from all parts of the room.

a close up of keely's wall art. the bed frame is an old family heirloom that my mom had sand blasted and painted for me when i finished college.

this corner is a place holder for the rocker we don't have yet. still looking around for that. but you can finally see keely's mobile hung up where it belongs.

The batik that Keel brought back awhile ago from a minority village in southern China.

at the end of the bed is our old dresser (civil war period). but what we want to do is find another place for this (in my office?), so that we can move the tropical aquarium in here. we really want living things, fish, cats, plants, in the nursery. the white noise of the filter and air pump will probably be useful for a newborn sleep schedule as well.

keely's first venture into the world of sewn paintings. her own design. we had a good time picking out fabrics in a little shop in soho.

we don't want our nursery to be too plastic. so the "adult" art goes in here too. this is a Green Tara tanka painting that we brought back from Tibet. the Green Tara is the goddess of compassion.

We like this view just for the cute neighbor house in the window.

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