13 January, 2008

daily photo: 1

Keel has turned me on to a couple photo/design sites recently and inspired me to do something similar. One is a crafty mentor of Keely's, SouleMama, who is doing daily photo posts for a month. The other is a daily photo project by two friends from Portland, OR and Portland, ME who post together but live 3191 miles apart (see also port2port). After more encouragement from Shannon at the greenhouse today, I decided I would try one month. The most important reason being to simply take more photos. However, I can already predict I'll miss a day or two. And, I am a poor enough editor that I'll probably not be able to post only one photo. And so, today there are two photos from our visit yesterday to the Stone Barns greenhouse to catch up with Jack and Shannon and their boys Sedge and Ojiah. Photos will be posted in the morning on the following day.

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