09 January, 2008

mcphearson christmas

For Christmas this year we tried something different. Just the kids. To just about everyone we mentioned this to it sounded, well, weird. But hey, we had a great time. The next generation in New York just doing what comes natural. For Teague and I this meant building a Lego race car. I found the tailfin in the backseat of the car today. Go figure.

Mika joined us for Christmas day dinner, which means that technically this family extended from McPhearson to Baltzer to Nelson. You also get a sense of the size of that Oona belly here. Read, food coma.
Who's happy?
We skipped presents for each other this year and concentrated on spending quality time. This meant lots of cooking, baking, eating, and drinking. I opened a number of bottles of wine and Keren and I headed up the various meals that ranged from a Thanksgiving day repeat, to an all indian meal to super duper desserts.

The parents did still make themselves felt with a load of wonderful gifts.
Abby immediatly tried on the fingerless, not sleeveless, gloves.

Reading Mom's Christmas note:
We took Teague to the American Museum of Natural History on Christmas Eve Day. Sounds like an insane idea I know. As a former employee of AMNH, I was a little concerned about the crowds, but they weren't that bad. The combination of riding the bus and subway was definitely fun for the 4 year old Teague which we all adopted, trading on and off hourly.

Click the video below for a taste of the craziness.

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