11 January, 2008

nursery updates

We finally found a piece of furniture we badly needed to keep all those great baby party and christmas Oona gifts. We are only a few weeks away from her arrival (maybe only days?) and the pile of onesies and blankets was calling for a little dresser. After giving Ikea a legitimate try and then going to our local high dollar antique store, we finally made it back to our old town, Hastings-on-Hudson, to find this little 1930s oak piece. It goes nicely with the old cast iron bed.
The seahorse is my personal favorite.
The stain was boring and so were the simple original oak knobs. Nice, but why not jazz it up for the kid room? Keely found some fun knobs at Anthropologie (they go for a buck or two during the post holiday sale) and gave it a paint job. This is our second effort at the whole shabby sheik look. The first one was a certified disaster, probably because I was in charge. That failed project now sits in the basement as a work table.

Keel says the dresser still needs some touch up, but I like it already. I think she managed to take a pretty boring dresser from a cluttered but friendly store, Suburban Renewal, and make something perfect for the small corner we had left in the nursery/guest room. A little more silicone on the drawers and Oona will be able to pull them open in no time.

I can't wait to package her in this kimono onesie we found in a Brooklyn shop.
Yes, the shelves did come from Ikea, but you have to cut corners somewhere. If you look closely you will see a big pile of cloth diapers on the floor. The diapers have arrived. I think that means we are officially ready.
I know Keely can't wait to get her old body back, but I like Her Bigness.

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