24 January, 2008

daily photo: 12

Tucker is on the weird side of cat strange. He is, always has been, obsessed with the shower. He waits all morning for one of us to get in the shower since when we both work from home, which is the case a lot lately, we don't run into the shower right out of bed. We tend to wait until we get good and day 2 stinky, like say after lunch? But Tuck just sits there, waiting. And when Keely finally gets in, he actually stands in the back while Keely has her standard long pregnancy shower routine, licking his favorite spot on the tile. I haven't figured out why this particular joint in the tile is so good for licking. And for some reason he doesn't like to shower with me. Homophobic?

Anyway, if I don't open the door immediately after turning off the water from my shower, he starts clawing at it. He must get that first steamy lick before it all runs down and out the drain. Here I am watching the stock market go down the drain, but to Tuck it's those dirty water drops that are crucial to lick up. No matter that he and Po have a running water bowl in the kitchen with fresh, filtered, water, cleaned regularly and filled up daily. It's that soap scum run-off thats the real treat.

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